Slot Die Coating

Since the mid 1980's Capacitec has been supplying non-contact capacitive displacement sensors and systems to the Coating, Printing and Copying markets.


One of its first applications was the development of an 80" (2 meter) thin gap wand to follow the paper path through an 80" (2 meter) hidden paper gap path through the machine to verify thin gap tolerance after assembly of the photocopier.

Further development of very thin flexible non-contact gap sensors with key customers led to the launch of the Slot Die Coater Gap Measurement System that is now the standard of the industry. It allows operators to achieve repeatable coater gap uniformity better than 10 microinches (0.25 microns).

Most recent research in this field has resulted in the launch of a very thin flexible gap sensor wand that can sustain temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C).