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Non-contact Displacement Sensors for Aerospace Markets

Aerospace is a major market for Capacitec’s non-contact displacement, gap mapping sensors and systems. Our customers build/rebuild commercial and military aircraft and engines. For 25+ years we have worked closely with manufacturing and quality engineers as well as R&D to enhance their product designs and production and quality control methods. Often we have replaced mechanical measurement tools such as feeler gauges and go/no gauges with electronic alternatives.



GapmanGen3® - The GapmanGen3® “electronic feeler gage” provides a high accuracy non-contact digital replacement to feeler gages with a built-in data logger, the only way to comply with SPC/Six Sigma product gap quality improvements.

LiniGage - The LiniGage is an Aircraft Engine Rotor Eccentricity Realignment System that is used to set the concentricity of engine rotor assemblies improving throughput and quality of engine rebuild.

Fan Blade Measurement - The CMS-3/CHP capacitive hole probe offer a 48 sensor complete hole-mapping sensor in a portable system



Aircraft Engine

  • HPC/HPT rebuild eccentricity for CFM56, CF34-10 and others
  • Fan blade length and blade tip gap measurement for GE90, CF6, RR Trent and others.
  • High temperature runout and thermal expansion for P&W 4000 & F135 (JSF) and MTU


Aircraft and Aerospace Structures

  • Gap measurement for shim selection for wing tie plates, skin to frame and frame gaps
  • Gap measurement between airframe subsections such as wings to fuselage
  • Tail section tie plates and horizontal stabilizer gap measurement for Boeing, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Alenia, BAE, MHI, FHI and KHI
  • “Mapping” bore diameter dimensions on wing tie plates for Airbus A318, A319 and A320
  • Measuring carbon composite outer skins/frame fastening hole diameters for United Launch Alliance (ULA)


Gapman Gen3 Aircraft Applications 2015

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