Gapman® Gen3 Thin Gap Portable Digital Feeler GageGap Sensors & Portable Gapman® Gen4 Mini Modular Capacitive Amplifiers & Non Contact SensorsSpring Contact Gap Sensors

Gapman® Gen3 Thin Gap Portable Digital Feeler Gage

High-precision, non-contact gap sensing tool, offering dramatic improvement over traditional feeler gages by eliminating operator subjectivity. Fast insertion into gaps down to 200 micrometers (0.008") with integrated 10,000-point data logger.

Gap Measurement Systems

Gap Sensors & Portable Gapman® Gen4 

Measure gaps in any assembly with conductive materials including the new carbon composite (CFRP). Reach into spaces as small as 150 micrometers (0.006”).

Gap Measurement Systems

Tough Mini Modular Capacitive Amplifiers & Non Contact Sensors

Mini modular Capteura® amplifiers have maximum displacement range with the industries smallest sensor sizes. Capacitec specializes in very long Gap Wands with lengths to ~2 meters (80.0”).

Displacement Sensing Systems

Spring Contact Gap Sensors 

Straight, 30° or 90° bend Gapman Wands deliver precision digital gap measurements down to 330 micrometers (0.013") with insertion lengths up to 450 mm (17.7") where one or both target surfaces are non-conductive.

Gap Measurement Systems

Gapman Gen 3 high-precision, non-contact portable thin gap electronic feeler gage


Thin Gap Electronic Feeler Gauge

The Gapman®Gen3, a "next generation" high-precision, non-contact portable thin gap electronic feeler gage. Among the main design enhancements of the "next generation" Gapman®Gen3 are higher resolution output (0.00001"/ 0.254 µm) with ±0.05% FS (12.7 µm) typical accuracy with a GPD-5F wand; 10,000 data point logging and storage capabilities; battery life doubled (now 22 hours minimum with 3 AA lithium batteries); and simplified PC user interface.
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GapmanGenAerospace Applications Article 
Mind the gap – Aerospace Manufacturing


Disc Brake Thickness Variation Analysis

Disc Brake Thickness Variation Analysis 

Six Sensor Disk Brake Wear Analysis

Driven by Automotive Manufacturers, Disc Braking Systems Suppliers and Testing Laboratories in the US, Europe and Asia, Capacitec has developed a new line of specialized non-contact capacitive Disk Brake dimensional analysis sensors. The new model HPC-150C-H-IC-00 sensor assembly combines the benefits of small size and high temperature 750°F (400°C) operation. Learn more
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High Temperature Cryogenic

Very High Temp Sensors

871°C Non-Contact Displacement Sensors

Capacitec is the world leader in the manufacture of small, high temperature (up to 1600°F  871°C) capacitive non-contact displacement sensors and systems.   Learn More


Introducing 508-SW

Multiple Channel Switching Amplifier

The 508-SW is a smart condensed multi-channel displacement, gap and bore measurement amplifier at about half the cost of the current amplifier. This new Capteura® multiple channel switching signal conditioner does not sacrifice the very high linearity & stability advancements of the real time system.  Learn More
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