Why Capacitec

Capacitec - The Leader in Displacement Sensing Systems, Gap Measurement Systems and Multipoint Capacitive Sensors

Capacitec is an ISO9001:2015 certified designer and manufacturer of non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, gap sensors, bore probes and parallelism measurements, which include capacitive amplifiers and data acquisition systems. Capacitec specializes in custom amplifiers and software for OEM applications.

Just a few of our specialty markets include aerospace, automotive, coating/extrusion, power generation, semiconductor gap tools and extreme temperature (cryogenic to 1,000°C) 

Capacitec as the capacitive technology industry specialist offers:

  • Small capacitive sensor size vs. large displacement and gap measurement range plus long cable lengths with minimal calibration changes
  • Capteura series of true modular, compact amplifiers and electronic racks offer a cost competitive middle ground between old large electronic racks and new limited "mock modular" racks
  • Electrostatic Discharge Protection: IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 for contact (8kV) and air (16kV) discharge
  • Internal AC and DC (optional) power supplies vs. annoying external power bricks
  • Extreme environment probes
    • Cryogenic to 1,000°C
    • Radiation up to 1018 RADS
    • Strong magnetic fields to 5 Tesla

Quality certified manufacturing facility

Engineering, sales and recalibration support centers in the US, Canada, France, UK, Japan, Singapore and China

30+ years proven experience with Global 1000 companies