Individual sensor output plus total gap value screen gap measurement result along lenth of a slot die minimum gap measurement result along lenth of a target

Bargrafx™ Software

Bargrafx™ is a LabView® based data acquisition application. When used in conjunction with Capacitec Non Contact Measurement equipment, a powerful tool is formed for precision measurement of small gaps, such as those found in slot die coater applications. Accuracies of better than 10 microinches (0.25 microns) are achievable.

Because of the Bargrafx software environment it is possible to use only two channels of amplification in conjunction with several dual sensored gap wands through the use of “virtual channel” architecture and still maintain high accuracies with little loss of overall range. This “virtual instrument” approach saves thousands of dollars in hardware costs.

Typical Applications

  • Gap results along the full length of a slot die coater (Bargrafx)
  • Disk brake rotor dimensional tests (Bargrafx)
  • Aircraft engine longest measurement (Bargrafx Peak mode)

Bargrafx Manual

Features Benefits

National Instruments LabView® based data acquisition application that runs on standard PC using Windows XP

Ease of set-up and use with industry standard software  

Advanced linearization signal conditioning program

Accuracies of better than 10 microinches are achievable

Bargrafx™ Equation Editor allows linear or arithmetical equations to be assigned to 8 display bars for a general bargraph user interface.

Allows any linearized channel to be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided from any other linearized channel for subsequent arithmetical relations such as sum, gap thickness, tilt, deviation, etc.

Bargrafx equation limits editor

Allows the assigned bargraph display to reflect upper critical, upper warning, lower critical, lower warning and other displays for quick user recognition and set to standard feature

Bargrafx Real Time Calibration Module takes the amplifier analog output voltage and scales it into linear engineering units (either English or metric) using polynomial interpolation (to 5th degree).

Allows the use of lower-priced Capacitec amplifiers while still offering repeatability of ±0.01% of FS