Multi-Point Measurement systems

Parallelism, Flatness and Bore Systems

Capacitec custom systems are used for parallelism, flatness and bore measurements in combinations from 3 to 32 sensors connected to a full range of Capteura® amplifiers driven by a wide range of applications with specific measurement requirements. The handheld portable Gapmaster®3 with a built-in datalogger and optional Bluetooth is an ideal tool for applications from filling gaps in Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing to using three 120 degree separated probes to measure parallelism in CVD chambers.

The Gapmaster®3 is also used for 3 point (120° angle) bore probe for average bore diameters independent of centerline probe position.
Our cost effective new 516-SW Switching Amplifier models supports up to 16 gap measurements for all industrial applications.

Since the mid 1980's Capacitec has been supplying non-contact Multi-point Capacitive Sensor Systems to the Aerospace, Automotive, Coating & Copying, Extreme Environment, Nuclear, Power Generation and Semiconductor applications.