Capacitec Gapmaster3 Gen3 Capacitec Gapmaster3 Gen3 Capacitec Gapmaster3 Gen3


The Gapmaster3 has been upgraded to the Gapmaster3 Gen3. The Gapmaster3 Gen3 is housed in the same size enclosure as the new Gapman®Gen3 making it lightweight and fully portable. The Gapmaster3 Gen3 features up to three newly designed capacitance pre-amplifiers providing users with one to three non-contact displacement 
measurement sensor channels in the measurement system. Sensors can be selected among displacement sensors (HPB, HPC, HPT) or single point gap sensors (HPS, GPS).

The Gapmaster3 Gen3 features a three-line display indicating the currently measured distances in engineering units (mils, inches, microns, millimeters).

Gapmaster®3 for Aircraft Component Joining
When two large Aircraft structural elements are joined together and overlapping sections in practice have no gap, but in reality there are air gaps. These must be filled with liquid shims or structural shims before the fasteners are applied. These overlapping sections can create a wedge like or tapered air gap. A 3-point gap measurement tool with sensors located from inbound to middle to outboard can predict this complex shim shape to fill this void. An example of a 3-point contact wand (model 3HPB7-7) matched to a Gapmaster3 simultaneously records these 3 gaps and sends them to a CNC machine to create a custom shim for this exact location.

Additional features include:

  • Fully portable package powered by 3 AA lithium batteries with a minimum battery life of 22 hours
  • Bright blue alphanumeric Active Matrix OLED display
  • External unit selector button for mils, inches, microns, or millimeters
  • Inclusion of an industry standard USB Type A combination data output and external power port
  • Simplified PC user interface via included software

Typical applications:

  • Semiconductor wafer parallelism
  • 2 to 3 point slot die coater to media parallelism
  • Two to three point roller parallelism
  • 2 to 3 point engine fan blade gap
  • Generic 1, 2 or 3-point dimensional measurement