Disk Brake Wear Analysis

On-vehicle Disk Brake Wear Analysis System

The increased demand for closer tolerances and rapid prototype designs has forced automotive brake systems and testing engineers to look for new ways to verify engineering predictions and /or explain the dynamic physical characteristics of braking system components.

Driven by Automotive Manufacturers, Disc Braking Systems Suppliers and Testing Laboratories in the US, Europe and Asia, Capacitec has developed a new line of specialized non-contact capacitive Disk Brake dimensional analysis sensors. The new model HPC-150C-H-IC-00 sensor assembly combines the benefits of small size and high temperature 750°F (400°C) operation.

Another major advantage of the new configuration is lower sensor replacement cost. The redesigned sensor surface provides enhanced "impact survivability". In addition, an innovative new integral connector, located behind the sensing surface, allows easy replacement of coaxial extension cables without the added cost of replacing the sensors themselves.

This new sensor system is capable of taking dynamic brake system measurements both on-vehicle at test track facilities as well as in testing laboratories using dynomometers. For higher temperature dynomometer testing Model V Series 1,600°F (871°C ) displacement probes and cables are available. By measuring the displacement data on a brake rotor in motion, measurements can be collected and analyzed to show the following characteristics:

  • Rotor run-out (TIR), Thermal expansion
  • Rotor coning, Wobble
  • Rotor thickness variation (RTV)
  • Dyanamic thickness variation (DTV)
  • Plate-to-plate orientation (V-ing, barreling)


The introduction of the Capteura® 220 and 520 series amplifiers now offers  significantly better linearity, higher bandwidth, low noise signal and improved amplifier drift over the legacy system. The new 208 series electronic racks are three times smaller than the previous generation. In addition to the enhanced overall system performance the mini modular packaging offers advantages especially for on-vehicle applications.

Capteura® Series 200 Brochure 

Disc Brake Wear Analysis Sensors Brochure

EuroBrake 2014 Disk Brake Wear Poster

Metrologie Conference Extreme Environment Poster showing Disk Brake Wear Analysis