Extreme Environment

Extreme Environment Displacement Sensing Systems

Non-contact displacement and gap measurement in extreme environments is another key competence and major differentiator for Capacitec compared to any other technology in the displacement field. This expertise was developed over many years of development working with key customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Metal and Glass production and Nuclear industries. Often times Capacitec was the only supplier that could meet these extremely challenging environmental and application conditions. This research and development has resulted Capacitec’s ability to measure very precise physical dimensions in extreme environments such as cryogenic to 1,832°F (1,000°C), radiation to 1018 Rads, magnetic fields to 5 Tesla.

Here are some examples:

  • Manufacture of automotive glass at 1,472°F (800°C)
  • Disk brake thickness variation analysis at 750°F (400°C) mounted on a dynamometer or on-vehicle
  • Nuclear fuel rod gap and other high radiation geometric measurements
  • Satellite instrument analysis in cryogenic vacuum chambers
  • Extremely thin button sensors used in magnetic fields to 5 Tesla for Particle Physics experiments.

Metrologie Conference Extreme Environment Poster