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Capacitance + Capacitive Technology = Capacitec

Capacitec manufactures non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, gap sensors, bore gauges, parallelism and density sensors with matching capacitance amplifiers, data acquisition systems, linearization and display software. Learn More

Introducing Gapman®Gen3

Thin Gap Electronic Feeler Gauge

The Gapman®Gen3, a "next generation" high-precision, non-contact portable thin gap electronic feeler gage. Among the main design enhancements of the "next generation" Gapman® Gen3 are higher resolution output (0.00001"/ 0.254 µm) with ±0.05% FS (12.7 µm) typical accuracy with a GPD-5F wand; 10,000 data point logging and storage capabilities; battery life doubled (now 22 hours minimum with 3 AA lithium batteries); and simplified PC user interface.

Capteura™ Displacement and Gap Electronics

208 Rack

Introducing Capteura™

Capacitec launches Capteura™200 ultra stable, low noise, noncontact displacement measurement system. Electronics rack is 3 times smaller in volume than previous generation with >100,000:1 resolution with HPC-150E-A-L2-1-B sensor, 200Hz bandwidth and 2.5mm of range. Best performance combining small sensor, large range with long cable length. Learn more

Portable 3-Channel Amplifier

Gapmaster3 Gen3

The Gapmaster3 Gen3 features up to three newly designed capacitance amplifiers providing users with one to three non-contact displacement measurement sensor channels in the measurement system. A three-line display indicates the real-time measured gap distances in engineering units (inches, mils, millimeters or microns).Sensors can be selected among displacement sensors (HPB, HPC, HPT) or single point gap sensors (HPS, GPS). Learn more

Super High Temp Sensors

1000°C Non-Contact Displacement Sensors

High Temperature non contact displacement sensors

Capacitec is the world leader in the manufacture of small, high temperature (up to 1832°F 1000°C) capacitive non-contact displacement sensors and systems. Since the 1970's this technology has been used in Europe, the US and Japan to solve the most demanding applications.  Learn More

Capacitec Launches 520 Series

520 Rack

Capacitec launches Series 520 super linear and now additionally super stable and lowest noise solution for displacement measurements. The electronics racks are 3 times smaller in volume than previous generation while offering the best performance combining small sensor, large range with long cable length. Learn more

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Introducing 508-SW

Capacitec launches the 508-SW Multiple Channel Switching Amplifier

The 508-SW is a smart multi-channel displacement, gap and bore measurement amplifier at about half the cost of the current amplifiers. This new Capteura® multiple channel switching signal conditioner does not sacrifice the very high linearity & stability advancements of the real time system, but just runs at a slower pace. Learn More