Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Modular Amplifier

4000 Series -  DISCONTINUED 

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The 4100 series amplifiers are repairable including the plug in pre-amplifiers  - please contact the factory for options

An upgrade to the 4100 series is the Capteura® 200 Series


4000 Series

The 4000 Series Modular non-contact capacitive displacement instrumentation is designed to offer the ability to drive maximum cable length with very small sensor diameters yet yield exceptionally large linear ranges. They are available in several bandwidths where 232Hz - 3dB is standard.

The small Euro-style 2U size boards have appeal for small lightweight packaging applications. When coupled with Capacitec multiple channel non-contact displacement probes, they produce a linear output voltage proportional to the gap spacing between the probe and a ground plane. The capacitive amplifier systems are designed to produce stable and reliable operation with excellent gain and zero shift stability with respect to changes in ambient temperature.

The modular amplifier cards are designed to operate with every probe diameter configuration and several sensitivity ranges by simple recalibration.

CE models are available.

The multi channel capacitive amplifier systems are configured according to your specific needs with the following choices:


Capacitec 4000 Capacitive Series Racks:

4004: The 4 Channel rack (front view) is about 5” wide with 5 actual slots and holds up to 4 capacitive amplifier cards with individual 0-10VDC analog outputs and a clock driver card in the last slot. The rack’s rear panel holds a BNC female connector for each primary analog output plus a 24-pin analog output connector with three input/outputs for computer or data acquisition interface and option cards.

An internal AC power supply is available standard by signifying -P100, -P115, -P220 or -P240 (AC). A ±15VDC/350mA power supply, which provides 3 additional 5 VDC, signals with a - 5VDC suffix option to the AC rack is also as an option. Optional DC/DC power supplies are available upon request.

4008: The 8 Channel rack (front view) is about 9” wide with 9 actual slots and holds up to 8 capacitive amplifier cards with the same standard features as the 4004. The power supply options are also the same except the ±15VDC power provides 500mA.

4016: The 16 Channel rack (front view) is about 19” wide with 17 actual slots and holds up to 16 capacitive amplifier cards with the same standard features as the 4004. The power supply options are also the same except the ±15VDC power provides 850mA.


Capacitec 4100 Series Signal Conditioning Amplifiers:

4100-S: Single channel capacitance amplifier card, 2U high with a one-inch wide rack mountable front panel. Offset and gain control is available and offers ±2% of full-scale typical linearity* with 0.01% repeatability. It is best suited for application that use data acquisition and post linearization (e.g. Bargrafx) to enhance accuracy.

4100-SL: The same as the 4100-S except that an add-on linearization board gives the capacitance amplifier an enhanced stand alone linearity* of ±0.2% accuracy of full scale with 0.01% repeatability using four additional adjustment pots. If adjustable large offset and gain dials are preferred the 4100-L is available but uses 2 rack slots.

4100-B: A one-inch wide protective blank panel is available to cover empty slots.

* linearity and repeatability based on a system configuration of Model HPC-150 Sensor, 0.10" (2.5mm) range with 10 feet (3.5 meters) cable


Capacitec 4100 Series Clock Driver and Display Cards:

4100-C: A separate clock driver card is required to drive 1 or more amplifier cards in the 4000 Series racks. It resides in the last rack slot, which is 0.75” wide. This unit offers a x3 amplitude drive adjustment pot for supplying an amplitude variable 15kHz excitation signal to match the customer required calibration sensitivity to a specific model displacement probe.

4100-CM3-4.5LED Clock/Meter: This clock card includes a 4.5 digit LED meter panel includes a clock card and multi channel selector switch and uses 2 rack slots plus 1 clock slot. The meter normally reads percent of full scale (i.e. 100.00) or can optionally read in volts DC (i.e. 10.000).


Capacitec 4100 Series Data Acquisition Modules:

4100-USB: A USB digital acquisition module is available as an option for 8 channel single ended inputs with 13 bit accuracy and 48K samples per second scan rate.

This 2U size card matches a standard amplifier card and utilizes one 1” slot in any 4000 Series rack.
The inputs are connected via an internal 50-pin ribbon cable, which is standard on all racks.

4100X Extension Card: The extender card allows an amplifier card to be used externally for special adjustment and testing. The card also has a “bread board” area to facilitate the implementation of custom circuits.


Additonal Options

An upgrade to the 4100 series is the Capteura® 200 Series