Bore Measurement Systems

CMS-3 bore measurement certified calibration ring 4CHP-3 Bore Probe for use with Capacitec Real Time Electronics 4CHP-3 Bore Probe for high speed hole diameter measurements

Capacitec supplies non-contact capacitive hole diameter probes by installing two, three, four or more non-contact capacitive displacement sensor around a circular metal probe. In conjuction with Capacitec amplifiers these hole diameter sensor probes can obtain accuracies of 0.1% FS and resolutions of 0.02% FS

When the Capacitec Bragrafx software is added, the profile of the hole or bore diameter can be shown along multiple points along the bore length.

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Hole Probe Ring Gauge Standard - CONSULT FACTORY

Each Straight or Tapered CHP hole probes is quoted with an upper and lower limit certified diameter gage ring standard. See chart below for standard certified hole diameter gauge rings.