Gap Measurement Systems

Gap Sensing Systems

A Capacitec non-contact gap sensor system is configured as follows:

Standard Gap System

Additional Options

1. Capacitec Electronics: 4100 and Capteura® 200 and 520 series family of modular amplifier cards

Multiple channel, Gapmaster3 semi-portable and fully portable Gapman® packages             

4100-USB Data acquisition module

Bargrafx™ linearization and display software

Modular 4100-CM3 LED meter

CS-1 Calibration stand

2. Gap Sensors: Thin or Industrial

Miniature, super-thin, single or double sided, high or cryogenic temperatures, high radiation or magnetic field, pressure or vacuum models  

GPD Spring Contact sensor wands requiring no grounding  

Special slot die and roller fixtures to hold gap sensors in place 

Custom thicknesses and custom dimensions including multiple sensor arrays 

3. Coaxial Extension Cables: EC Style

Miniature, low capacitance extension cables  

GPD remote wand extension  


Standard Gap Measurement Brochure


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