Capacitec Markets for Non-contact Displacement Gap and Hole Sensors Systems

Non-contact Displacement, Gap and Bore Measurement Markets

Capacitec supplies non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, gap sensors, hole sensors and systems to the Aerospace, Automotive, Coating/Printing/Photocoping, Extreme Environment, High Temperature/Cryogenic and Power Generation markets worldwide.

Here are just a few examples of recent successful Capacitec customer applications.


  • HPC/HPT rebuild eccentricity for CFM56, CF34-10 and others
  • Fan blade length and blade tip gap measurement for GE90, CF6, RR Trent and others
  • High temperature runout and thermal expansion for P&W 4000 & F135 (JSF) and MTU
  • Gap measurement for shim selection for wing tie plates, skin to frame and frame gaps
  • Gap measurement between airframe subsections such as wings to fuselage
  • Tail section tie plates and horizontal stabilizer gap measurement for Boeing, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Alenia, BAE, MHI, FHI and KHI
  • “Mapping” bore diameter dimensions on wing tie plates for Airbus A318, A319 and A320
  • Measuring carbon composite outer skins/frame fastening hole diameters for United Launch Alliance (ULA)



  • Disc Brake Wear Analysis
  • Rotor run-out (TIR), Thermal expansion
  • Rotor coning, Wobble
  • Rotor thickness variation (RTV)
  • Plate-to-plate orientation (V-ing, barreling)
  • Automotive Glass Manufacturing



Slot Die Coating Applications

  • Adhesive coatings onto labels
  • Chemical coatings onto films and tapes
  • Photographic coatings onto films
  • Manufacture of plastic tapes
  • Electrolytic battery materials
  • Production of composite material


  • Supply of an 85" thin wand gap sensor that travelled through hidden paper paths in R&D to calculate gap tolerances
  • Installation of 3 non contact displacement sensors on stiffened shims as a set up tool to measure toner bar to roller gaps prior to production


Extreme Environment

  • Manufacture of automotive glass at 800°C
  • Disk brake thickness variation analysis at 400°C mounted on a dynamometer or on-vehicle
  • Nuclear fuel rod gap and other high radiation geometric measurements
  • Satellite instrument analysis in cryogenic vacuum chambers
  • Extremely thin button sensors used in magnetic fields to 5 Tesla for Particle Physics experiments.
  • Laboratory testing of a magnetic shape memory alloy at 4 Kelvin and 18 Tesla!


High Temperature/Cryogenic

  • Disc Brake thickness variation analysis (DTV) at 750°F (400°C)
  • CVD Coater head to metal roll in Flexible Solar Panels at 1,100°F (600°C)
  • Glass and Metal forming at 1,475°F (800°C)
  • Jet Engine dynamic testing including thermal expansion
  • Power Turbine runout for R&D
  • Material strength testing, COD, J1C Fracture, Tensile Testing
  • Satellite systems cryogenic vacuum testing at -456°F (-272°C)


Power Generation

Gap Measurement Systems for Nuclear Fuel Rod Bundle Gaps

  • Gap measurement system replacing strain gauge wands in robotic fuel rod assemblies for Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR)

Gap Measurement in Gas and Steam Turbines

  • Turbine blade to outer casing gap measurement
  • Rotor to Stator gap measurement
  • Metal seal to rotor gap measurement during production
  • Simultaneous measurements of 5 points rotor to stator gaps in a steam turbine to confirm the turbine eccentricity after re-build
  • Maintaining uniform gaps between heat exchanger tubes on nuclear steam turbine heat exchanger

Gap & Parallelism Measurement in Photovoltaic Applications

  • Gap/parallelism of CVD coater head to metal roller
  • Control Slot Die Coater Gap for liquid coating
  • Gap/parallelism of Slot Die coater head to media
  • Gap/parallelism between rollers for lamination and other PV cell and module roller applications
  • 800°C proximity sensor for absence/ presence of panels in a vacuum furnace

Gap Measurements in Wind Turbines Applications

  • Condition Monitoring System with real time measurement of rotor stator gap during operation to prevent catastrophic failures
  • Gap measurement between cogwheel teeth in pitch control and other actuators
  • Emergency Disc brake rotor to brake pad gap set up
  • Nacelle to tower parallelism


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